3D Global Affairs

In today’s business, legal, governmental, and communications environments, disruption is the new normal. The silos between these departments have been broken down as political considerations increasingly encroach on every aspect of a business. Definers and Dentons new 3D Global Affairs offering allows clients to be the disruptor by combining political intelligence, legal advisors, campaign-style tactics, lobbying, governmental affairs, research, and communications into one unique offering. Our clients are three dimensional, and so are their challenges. Together, through 3D Global Affairs, Definers & Dentons will serve both your strategic and tactical needs providing a complete view of your challenges and opportunities.

A Disruptive World Requires Fresh Thinking

Definers & Dentons now offer a unique product that can be scaled as our clients take their public affairs to the next level so they can think globally while leveraging resources around the world.

3D Global Affairs Offers One Coordinated Team And System That Can Provide:

  • Legal services for any issue
  • Government relations and lobbying support
  • Communications and rapid response professionals to shape the narrative
  • Campaign-style opposition research
  • War Room-style media monitoring to be your eyes and ears in the news cycle.
  • Digital strategy and advertising
  • Political intelligence to be ahead
  • Data analytics to gain insights no one else has
  • Regulatory reform experts and advisors
  • Critical infrastructure to bring all your teams together to share important information
  • Global reach to shape public affairs debates around the world

Core Services

Legal Services: 3D Global Affairs clients benefit from approximately 7,600 lawyers and professionals in more than 140 locations spanning 57 countries. We work with our clients to assemble a team of lawyers and professionals, customized to your industry, your region and your needs. Now the world’s largest law firm, Dentons’ global team builds agile, tailored solutions to meet the local, national and global needs of private and public clients of any size with lawyers who have experience in 24 sectors and 40 practices.

Government Relations And Lobbying Support: Unprecedented policy and regulatory issues confront today’s global marketplace across all industry sectors. Dentons navigates the critical intersection of business, law, regulation, policy and politics. Using a results-oriented approach, we deliver innovative solutions tailored to your specific goals. By working together, you tackle every political or regulatory obstacle with a powerful ally by your side. Position your business to spot trends and respond to shifting regulatory and legislative landscapes. Drive your company forward using strategic and focused advice from government relations professionals who understand the political process. Through deep experience in both government and a variety of regulated industries, we view the issues through a balanced perspective. Our relationships with government officials, regulators and legislators allow us to see beyond the horizon. Leverage this insight to achieve your vision.

Communications And Rapid Response: With decades of experience at the top levels of American politics, we are uniquely positioned to design, execute and manage your public affairs campaign. We will work with your team to develop, test and refine your most compelling messages and work to validate your narrative through the press and social media platforms. Our difference is found in our rigorous, upfront and ongoing research, rapid response, and earned media capabilities that provide you with the competitive edge. Our in-house communications professionals will work with your team to develop a communications strategy to advance your messages. We can also supplement your own communications shop.

Campaign-Style Opposition Research: We provide clients with comprehensive research services, support on relevant issues, and dossiers on opponents, competitors and agitators. Packaged in easily digestible, media-friendly formats, we search the public record, including news reports, social media and legal records, for high-impact information that can inform and influence media narratives or your government relations campaigns.

War Room Style Media Monitoring: For our clients, we operate a full-service war room that monitors a wide-range of media platforms on a continuous basis, including: print and online news, social media, local and national television, and local and national radio. Our unique war room capability and Console system allows us to function in real time to identify and react immediately to opportunities arising out of the news cycle, and to flag potential challenges and crises before they take on a life of their own.

Disrupt The Political, Regulatory, And Communications Environment Over The Long-Term: Too often, companies and other organizations wait until an issue arises before they engage political, regulatory, and communications teams. Now, the resources of the world’s largest law firm has partnered with a media firm focused on doing things differently, so clients can meet the challenges that exist in such a disruptive world.