A Campaign-Style Approach To The Trade War Issue
April 26, 2018

A Campaign-Style Approach To The Trade War Issue

Almost a year and a half into this administration and trade issues have come to the forefront of discussions in the United States and around the world. Threats to withdraw the U.S. from NAFTA and sweeping global tariffs that have resulted in retaliatory actions have caused many to fear a trade war is impending. Those affected by these issues cannot afford to sit back.

The critical nature of trade disputes requires taking proactive measures to stay ahead of the game, pushback against opposing rhetoric, redirect the narrative, and ultimately shape public opinion and influence major decision-makers in favor of a pro-trade agenda.

Accomplishing these goals requires more than a traditional lobbying effort. Combined with unique campaign-style research and communications techniques, you can take your government affairs operation to the next level.

Definers’ senior staffers’ backgrounds in campaigns makes us uniquely qualified to construct hard-hitting research to back up your trade fight. By creating campaign-style research dossiers on major trade players, members of Congress, and administration officials, we can provide your team with a comprehensive background of key trade influencers’ past and present stances on issues related to the trade debate. This information will be crucial in establishing targets, forming alliances, and calling out hypocrisies.

Further, Definers can use its longstanding relationships with those in the media to continually push a pro-trade message to the public. By strategically placing stories and op-eds in national and local press, we can help you continuously hit your target audiences with your defined trade narrative and influence public opinion.

This new administration is anything but traditional and relying on traditional government affairs methods will no longer cut it. Building comprehensive campaign-style infrastructure and systems to stay ahead of the curve will make all the difference in who thrives and who fails as the trade community faces increasingly uncertain times.