The Definers Console

Definers operates a full-service media monitoring war room that monitors a wide-range of platforms on a continuous basis, including: print and online news, social media, local and national television, and local and national radio. Our unique war room capability allows us to function in real time to identify and react immediately to opportunities arising out of the news cycle, and to flag potential challenges and crises before they take on a life of their own.


Console Features

Powerful Search Function

The search function designed to allow you to quickly sift through large volumes of content to find exactly what you need. For example, if you want to quickly see how a wider audience is talking about your company or the issues of importance to you, the search function will make that simple.

Customized Tags

The Console’s tags feature is tailored to your company’s areas of interests, which allow for quick sorting and tracking of data pertaining to specific media markets, entities, issues, or any other metric of interest.

Leading Technology With A Human Touch

Our analysts are equipped with leading technology and with experience from political campaigns and the private sector which allow for comprehensive monitoring and impactful analysis. Our teams are available at all hours of the day in offices across the United States and in London, and are trained to provide tailored actionable intelligence in a way automated services simply can’t.

Email Alerts

The Console allows teams to receive traditional email alerts for instant notification, while acting as an independent place for viewing and sorting data without the clutter or limitations of email platforms.