Definers University
February 5, 2018

Definers University

The Public Affairs space is constantly changing, and last year’s tactics may not serve this year’s goals.

With this in mind, Definers places a premium on the professional development and continual training of our staff.

Every month, different teams from Definers and from our partner organizations are chosen to lead a session for Definers University: a rotating series of presentations and case studies, designed to give every member of Definers a holistic view of what their friends down the hall (and across the ocean) are up to.

The Q&A sessions following Definers University presentations have sparked new ideas and innovative solutions — leading ultimately to even stronger work on behalf of our clients.

This commitment to cross-team communication and learning ensures that every member of Definers knows not only how best to practice their own craft, but their expertise plays into helping our entire organization succeed.