Defining Ourselves
April 18, 2017

Defining Ourselves

When we heard, in 2016, that Definers Public Affairs would be sponsoring an incubator project to support new ideas at the company, we knew exactly what we wanted to do.

For months, we had discussed what we knew were gaps in the political coverage for our home state of Connecticut. We still cared deeply about the issues there, and felt that we could offer something better for our fellow Nutmeggers.

Then the Definers incubator project came along. Here was our company, asking its employees for new ideas to grow and expand our reach.

After months of working with our team – from partners with decades of political and business experience, to top-notch graphics and web development teams – we launched Reclaim Connecticut.

In short time, Reclaim Connecticut has become an influential news voice in the Connecticut landscape. It has also offered an opportunity for Definers to define itself in a new way: as a company that is ready to support its team members in pursuing their own interests and making their own ideas a reality.

Our launch would not have been possible without a forward-looking team, the professional expertise of our people, and the combined skills we have learned from decades in politics and public affairs.

It’s just the latest way we’re defining ourselves every day.