Every campaign is now a cyberwar target
August 13, 2017

Every campaign is now a cyberwar target

As featured in The New York Post (8/13/17):

You can’t open a newspaper or turn on the TV these days without hearing about hacking in American elections. Many liberals blame cyberattacks for Donald Trump’s presidency, while some conservatives dismiss them as an invention of the liberal media.

Neither group is right.

Long before 2016, foreign governments were targeting Republican and Democratic campaigns, trying to influence the way our government operates. This is a serious problem, and it threatens our nation’s sovereignty. It’s something we didn’t even think about when I started working on presidential politics in 2000.

As Mitt Romney’s campaign manager in 2012, I experienced cyberattacks firsthand when China tried to infiltrate our servers, forcing us to spend precious campaign dollars on increased cybersecurity. Every cent spent on protection could have been used addressing voters’ concerns, and that meant even unsuccessful cyberattacks weakened the campaign.

The threat has become much greater since then, and it’s why I signed up as a co-leader of a new project called Defending Digital Democracy. Sponsored by the Belfer Center at Harvard University, the initiative will bring together experts in the political, national-security and tech worlds to develop strategies and technology to protect campaigns from cyberattacks.

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