Definers Public Affairs is a unique consulting firm that translates proven political campaign communications techniques to the corporate, trade association and issue advocacy fields.

Our approach to public affairs campaigns is unlike any other in the business. We will run your campaign from concept to completion, but what sets us apart from other firms is our focus on high-impact research, fact-finding, rapid response, and earned media communications. We distill and strategically deploy public information to build and influence media narratives, move public opinion and provide powerful ammunition for your public relations and government affairs efforts. Nobody else can say the same.

Founded by former Romney-Ryan 2012 campaign manager Matt Rhoades and former RNC Research Director Joe Pounder, the Definers team leverages unmatched experience and relationships with the top movers and shakers in government and media both inside and outside the Beltway to help you succeed.

Communications Consulting

Communications Consulting

With decades of experience at the top levels of American politics, Definers is uniquely positioned to design, execute and manage your public affairs campaign. We will work with your team to develop, test and refine your most compelling messages and work to validate your narrative through the press and social media platforms. The “Definers Difference” is found in our rigorous, upfront and ongoing research, rapid response, and earned media capabilities that provide you with the competitive edge.


Communications Services

  • Public Affairs Campaigns
  • Industry Focused Political Intelligence
  • Communications & Media Relations
  • Media Booking & Training
  • Talking Points
Research And Rapid Response

Research And Rapid Response

Definers provides clients with comprehensive research services, support on relevant issues, and dossiers on opponents, competitors and agitators. Packaged in easily digestible, media-friendly formats, Definers searches the public record, including news reports, social media and legal records, for high-impact information that can inform and influence media narratives or your government relations campaign.

  • Opposition Research Books
  • Top Hits Research Packages
  • Issue Backgrounders/Analysis
  • Rapid Response Alerts Relevant To Your Campaign
  • Video Tracking
    • Full-Time
    • Part-Time
    • Livestreaming Events
  • Vetting
    • Self-Vetting
    • Vulnerability Studies
    • Employee Vetting
    • Vetting of Surrogates
Media Monitoring

Media Monitoring

Definers operates a full-service war room that monitors a wide-range of media platforms on a continuous basis, including: print and online news, social media, local and national television, and local and national radio. Our unique war room capability allows us to function in real time to identify and react immediately to opportunities arising out of the news cycle, and to flag potential challenges and crises before they take on a life of their own.

  • Campaign-Style Full War Room
  • Specialized Console
  • Definers Console
  • Live Real-Time Event Monitoring
    • Speeches, Events, Hearings, ETC
  • Breaking News Clips
  • Daily Matricies
  • Weekly War Room Analysis
Digital Presence

Digital Presence

Digital media is at the center of the modern media ecosystem. Through social channels like Twitter and Facebook, the public gets more and more of their news and information online, while traditional media and even lawmakers are taking their leads from online developments. Definers can help you build and maintain an organic and paid online presence that leverages the power of data, research and original content to advance your goals.

  • Digital Media Strategy
  • Targeted Advertising
  • Website & App Development
  • Social Media Account Management
  • Grassroots Outreach
  • News Aggregation & Promotion
  • Testing & Analysis
Visual Media

Visual Media

Our in-house creative team will identify the most effective way to visually communicate your message to the world. Our talented team specializes in graphic design, web design, video creation, and more.

  • Graphic Design, including logos, branding, and visual conceptualization
  • Website and User Experience Design
  • Full-service Video Production
  • Motion Graphics