The Launch of 3D Global Affairs
November 30, 2017

The Launch of 3D Global Affairs

When we launched Definers just a year and a half ago, we were committed to providing a public affairs offering that was distinct from a stale marketplace. Reflecting the fast-changing media environment required a different type of firm – one that specialized in research, content creation, and creative distribution. The industry needed a firm that could work with the media while understanding how to effectively use platforms to engage directly with audiences with creative, research-backed content was how to win modern public affairs fights.

We’ve found this type of service to indeed be in high demand and have been excited by the response and the progress in 19 months time.

Working on big fights on behalf of clients and directly engaging with corporate c-suites made us realize something else about the global public affairs marketplace: the siloing of consulting services is leaving many clients with huge blind spots in the political communications and content department. From The President’s tweets, to politically motivated corporate protests, and even to ideological pizza wars, politics has started to infuse every decision corporations make and increasingly invade more elements of public life.

In this era, successful businesses can no longer reasonably silo their communications, legal, and public affairs operations and expect to succeed in the chaos.  

This is why we are excited to announce today that we are partnering with Dentons, the largest law firm in the world, on 3D Global Affairs – a new initiative that allows their clients and ours to combine political intelligence, legal advisors, campaign-style tactics, lobbying, governmental affairs, research, and communications into one unique offering.  

Bringing Dentons’ global legal operation, with their massive reach, deep bench of policy and industry experts, and government relations team, together with Definers’ rapid response communications, opposition research, and political campaign intelligence will provide clients with an integrated team that has a comprehensive global political perspective to navigate their challenges.

This partnership won’t prevent us from working with the many other partners, friends, and allies we have teamed up with in the past. However it is a partnership that will leverage the strengths of both our organizations and allow us to embed a political communications mindset into all elements of decision making in the corporate or advocacy realm.

We couldn’t be more excited about how this partnership will help us grow and the breadth of services we will be able to bring to clients.

We are confident that the mindset and structure behind 3D Global Affairs will eventually be the new normal in public affairs consulting and are thrilled to be the pioneering firms bringing it to the marketplace today.