Welcome To Definers
July 5, 2016

Welcome To Definers

Definers Public Affairs helps corporations, trade associations, individuals, and issue-based clients run smarter campaigns using cutting-edge research and communications strategies and tactics. Today, many of our clients find themselves the target of political-style campaigns that for low budget can do real brand damage, change the makeup of corporate boards, or influence strategic decisions for years to come. Informed by our years of extensive experience in the political space, we formed Definers to help our clients face these tactics, craft innovative communications campaigns, and ensure that their voice was being heard.

The formation of Definers actually began with the founding of America Rising LLC by Matt Rhoades and myself in 2013. I’ve known Rhoades since 2004 when I was his intern at Bush-Cheney ’04. We’ve worked together on and off for the next decade. After 2012 when he was the campaign manager for Mitt Romney and I was the research director at the Republican National Committee, we decided to start America Rising to focus on opposition research, rapid response communications, and video tracking for political clients.

As we built America Rising into a 60-person operation with employees across the country, we were actually turning away corporate clients so we could focus exclusively on our political mission. In 2015, we changed that and formed Definers. Starting with just 3 people in January 2015, we now have more than 15 and are growing fast. We find that our corporate clients are facing many of the same challenges as we confronted at America Rising. In order to craft sound communications strategies and produce good content, our clients – like any political campaign – need sound opposition-style research, rapid response consulting, and strategic guidance that crafts effective earned media and digital strategies. That is what Definers is having success doing.

As we continue to grow, we are always striving to add new services, products, and platforms for our clients so that they can confront a news, digital, and social media environment that demands ever more content that tells their stories. We hope that as you read this blog you get some insight into the Definers way of thinking, which we bring to work every day on behalf of our clients.